Send in Blue Email Marketing

Trying out Send in Blue for the RSS feed. Not sure how exactly it works. It seemed like I could insert the full article, but I’m not fully sure. I did not customized how it looked as I want to know 1st if I can get the full post into the email. The summer landscape Custom more

Moosend notes

This will send a RSS feed campaign, however it won’t put the whole article into the email, just a summary. It looks like it shows the full size image for the image. I’m attempting to make it smaller Custom more

RSS Testing new posts

Because MailChimp has gotten expensive I’m looking around at other options. The one item that doesn’t seem to be a part of most newsletter providers is RSS. However it looks like MooSend might be a replacement options Read more

Elementor yes or no

Review & Suggestions coming soon! The remainder of this post is dummy text. Pommy ipsum full English breakast numpty ponce fish fingers and custard could be a bit of a git terribly twiglets, slappers Bob’s your uncle a comely wench anorak challenge you to a duel terribly wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff pezzy little, bloke got his Read more