Simple Maintenance & Working with me

I’m ready to purchase…

Why do I need this?

Keeping your site up-to-date keeps is safe & makes sure things work as they should.

Why Shari?

I’ve been working in WP for over 10 years now so I have a good idea which plugins are the best to use in most situations & I track the attacks that are happening.

Working with me.

If you have work for me you will receive my Maintenance Rate; currently $32 per hour if you join my maintenance program below. My standard hourly rate is $50 per hour.

  • I have a typical 48 hour turn around for quick stuff.
  • The beginning & end of month I don’t take on new work. Think 2 days at the end and 2 days at the beginning of the month.
  • Any larger projects and design work need to be scheduled and you can book a quick check-in call/video to discuss. I don’t charge for calls or video that are about discussion of new work.
  • Client calls for discussion of an ongoing project, or questions about your current setup are billed at your normal rate $32/$50 per hour.
  • I work and reply via Todoist. I no longer use email as it’s too time consuming. You can connect via email, and I’ll respond via Todoist.
  • My typical hours are 10am – 3pm, due to health issues this is not fixed.

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

Simple maintenance service for $12 a month per site. I will pull a site & database backup prior to the updates, and I will backup your entire site quarterly unless a major update needs to be preformed. Monthly I will run updates, with the latest releases of WordPress and the plugins you are using. When necessary I may update your site additionally.

If you are creating content on a daily basis, you may want to look into additional backup providers. I’m happy to help you find what works best with your site.

What’s included:

  • Updates to WordPress
  • Updates to Plugins – I keep a list of what you have so I can watch for extra security updates
    • If you have extensive plugins, there may be an additional cost.
  • Updates to Themes
  • Verified backup of your site done every 1 – 3 months depending on the updates to your site
  • Restores to a previous version if your site breaks.

What’s not included:

  • Fixing your site due to bad Plugins or Themes
  • Repairing your site due to a breach in security or a hack
  • Fixing a site broken for any reason

If something happens to your site I will make an assessment, and either offer to restore it, or let you know approximately how much time might be involved to fix the issue. Time once approved is billed at the Maintenance package rate.

If there is a major update for a Themes or Plugin that requires more than typical time & steps to update that plugin or theme (a major update), you will be contacted and given the information to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed. These types of updates are not included in the package and happen rarely, but do happen.

I also am happy to do some one time tweaks to your site during the monthly update process. These are things that are quick to do, and not necessary each month. Think 15 minutes or less. Some examples:

  • Clean out your spam comments
  • Clean out your old emails
  • Fix a bad link or two
  • Update your menu
  • Add a new email address
  • Making simple tweaks or changes

The time is not accumulated, and is not included, but something I’m happy to gift you with, on a month by month basis. Email me when you have a request and I’m happy to let you know if I can include it on my next update, or if it’s something that needs to be billed for.

I also do my best to provide you with information on WordPress, themes, and the plugins you are using. If I hear or read something that might impact your site, I will notify you*.

I provide no guarantees on your sites security or that it will remain working. This is a simple and low cost way to keep your site up-to-date and therefore more secure than not updating your site because you don’t have time.

You will be charged $12 monthly until cancelled.

If you’re interested in working with me, you can schedule a introduction session with me.

If you have any additional questions or needs about what is and isn’t included, please email your questions prior to purchase.

Due it increase in costs I’ve had to increase my maintenance hourly rate to $31 per hour beginning in February 2024.