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Tending your site… While you do what you love…

Pull up a chair and take a breath!

sharil lynn smiling purple hairI’m here to help you do the work you love and enjoy. I take care of your website & you can take a breath.

I also am happy to help with some of the administration of both your site and your customer care.

Two things, I love to do; website design and great customer service. I can also provide some tips on content, marketing, SEO — if you have questions I’m happy to help or send you in the right direction.

I’ve been playing online before there was gui.

From extremely simple design…

Screenshot of the holographicyou.com website

Holographic You built on WordPress with the Headway Theme

I was a little nervous to look at it and then when I saw it, I giggled. So this is good. Kath Kelly – Holographic You

To something more complex…

Screenshot of james-wanless.com

James Wanless built on WordPress with the Thesis Theme

i am so so so so so thankful that you are both figuring this out!!

great … !!!! thanx, thanx Shari. you did it!!
James Wanless – James Wanless

I believe in bringing to life the site you want, in the way you want, to look and feel how you want. I’m happy to work with you alone, or with your team to bring your vision of the site into the world. I’m here to help you do that, and look forward to being a part of it’s creation.

You’ll also find articles here on WordPress, themes, plugins, and anything I’ve found that you might find interesting that might prove helpful. Feel free to join my mailing list if you’d like to receive some hints and tips.