Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Feb 24
Today email wasn’t so deep, so I’m off and running!
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Feb 23
Yikes! Another email day. Just finished going through & responding and off to get some work done.
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Feb 22
Been on the phone or Google Meet all morning… however I am here and working :)
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Feb 21
Working today – beautiful outside.
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Feb 18
Off today – but will be checking in.
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Feb 17
Off the 1st half of the day for appointments.
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Feb 16
Having electricity issues going to have to shut down for the day.
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Jan 13
#wsgShari – Got through all my emails yikes! Working
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Jan 10
#wsgShari – Working today.
Shari @ShariLynnSmith · Dec 27, 2021
#wsgShari – Working! I think I’m done with the hacked site :::knocking wood::: so with the holiday and that I’m back to normal tomorrow!