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This is the checklist that goes along with the Daily Tarot Walk. The card of Justice is one of personal responsibility; this form is a way to be responsible to yourself. To keep track as you work through the lessons and learn about the Walking Stick. This Justice card shows a woman holding a sword and scales. The sword is symbolic of truthfulness; the scales symbolize weighing information. This form will ask you to be honest with yourself and the commitment you have made. It also gives you a place to weigh the worth of what you are learning.

There is a page for each Step of the Daily Tarot Walk for you to fill out. I encourage you to use the form.

Step One

  • Printed Attachments
  • Exercise 1.1
  • Exercise 1.2
  • Exercise 1.3
  • Finished the lesson
  • Sent reply email
  • Write what you learned

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