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Creative Spirit Circle

Join us online in a protected semi-private group to express yourself exactly as you are. The intent of the group is to allow people to have a place to share freely how they are living their path. It is intended as a Circle, meaning there is no direct leadership. We do have a total of three facilitators, however we encourage you to share what you need to and support where you can. We would love to have a chat and or phone call scheduled each month, however that will only happen if someone steps up to make it happen.

I will be supporting the Circle in a administration and organization, (and some tarot too!) and we have two other facilitators to help keep the conversation flowing. Carolyn Cushing will be sharing her weekly Tarot Processes, and Maurie Kirschner will share her Green Woman Ways.

If you can abide by our Community Agreement we would welcome you into the Circle.

Community Agreement

1. We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity instead of judgement.
2. We hold stories or personal material in confidentiality.
3. We speak (or write) with intention, we listen with attention, and we all tend the well-being of the circle.
4. We ask for what we need and offer what we can.

(Source: “The Circle Way, A Leader in Every Chair” by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea ©2010. Used with permission.  www.peerspirit.com)

What you may find in this community…

  • Sharing of pictures from your life and what you find beautiful
  • Sharing of personal stories of spirit
  • Sharing of spiritual art projects
  • Sharing of what is occurring on mother earth
  • Book discussions
  • Tarot Journeys
  • Natural ways to connect
  • Community
  • Support
  • A place to be heard
  • A place to find peace and grounding

Nothing if no one participates

Currently we are running the group in  two locations to see which works best for the members. There are pluses and minus for both.

We have a Facebook group which requires a Facebook account, and a Google+ group which requires a Google+ account.

I am charging a nominal fee, as I think this will create a better experience for everyone and help to create an active community.

The fee to join is $2 monthly or $10 annually. This is a request from you for commitment, acknowledging that you do want this sacred space on the internet.

There is no free trial, or refunds, however you are welcome to join at the monthly subscription and if you decide you’d like to continue you can pay the difference before your 2nd months subscription or at any point after that creating an annual for an additional $8 more.

Creative Spirit Circle Monthly
Creative Spirit Circle Monthly
Monthly subscription to the Creative Spirit Circle group.
Price: $2.00
Creative Spirit Circle Annual
Creative Spirit Circle Annual
Annual Subscription to the Creative Spirit Circle online group.
Price: $10.00

We look forward to seeing you in Circle!

Interested, but not yet ready to take the plunge? You can add yourself to my mailing list to be reminded.


Update your monthly subscription to an annual at anytime by creating an annual payment for an additional $8 for the 1st year. Then $10 each year after that.

Creative Spirit Circle Update
Creative Spirit Circle Update
Switch from monthly to annual. Please try to do this close to your next payment, as I can not change the date of the subscription.
Price: $8.00