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Clean Image Filenames Plugin

This is another plugin I tend to install on client sites to help keep uploads named in a best use way. Although servers and computers as a whole have gotten a lot better with odd named files, it can still be an issue. Over the last year I’ve had two sites have media issues related to the naming of files. For some reason sites that work fine for months will choke and it ends up being due to odd characters in a file name.

You can read more and download Clean Image Filenames from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Imsanity Plugin

I typically install this plugin as part of setting up a clients site to help keep their image sizes under control. It’s easy to upload huge images, and there isn’t a need for them, unless you are an artist and have a specific need for them.

The plugin allows you to set the max size and do a few other things to your images, so this is a great additions to you typical WordPress install.

You can find more information and download Imsanity from the WordPress Plugin Depository.