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Calendar by Kieran O’Shea

Simple Working Calendar
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Easy to setup, and simple to use. No bells & whistles.

I would suggest it for someone wanting something simple that they could then link to a post for more information from a calendar. Simple titles and not a lot of information in the actual event description.

I would use it, if I needed something to see events on a calendar that I then wanted to link to a post or page for more information.

There was a bit of an issue with the text not displaying correctly so you would only want to use this if you wanted short simple titles and descriptions.


Simple to use, and simply displayed calendar.

When you hover over the item you get the information including any images you’ve added via html. There is no fancy editing of the description it’s just a text box that can take html but no WYSIWYG.

Each entry can be link to a url so you could link each to a post or page on your own website or somewhere else.

It does have repeat ability.

It does categories.

No location.

No multiple leaders, speakers.

It has a few widgets.


Upcoming Events

Today’s Events

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